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I have long had a fascination with the year a.k.a. The Year Cycling Endurance Record
In 2015 six riders planned to surpass the incredable 1939 record of Tommy Godwin of Stoke. Throughout the year I covered the progress of the riders against their set projected mileage targets. Many consider that the record was broken by an American Steve Searvogal. At any rate he did so in the eyes of the UDCA, a newish US-based cycling organisation who by default became the self-appointed guardian of the record. In event, the herioc Englishman Steve Abraham fell behind after falling (literally) after a collision with an unaware scooter rider. He did cover close to 60000 miles in 2016.
What I will present is a resume of the year as it unfolded and ongoing coverage of the 2017 attempts. I will also address the controversy regarding the breaking of the record and the descent of the whole thing towards conflict. Reord-beating has taken on the ludicrous ambiguity of the boxing world, its many titles and underhand methodology.
I have completed a 10-year research effort of Walter Greaves, a one-armed and previous holder of the record. That story is in the "couldn't make it up" category. I haven't! Some of it is also here. I hope you enjoy the read.
There is a book written by Dave Barter called The Year. He has a nice jaunty style and he has done a fantastic job in following all possible leads. I own the book but cannot read it all until I get my coverage on-line, lest I lean too much on his work. Suffice it to say that it is an excellently written and fascinating tome.
It is a lot less tiring to read about it than to ride it.

THE YEAR by Dave Barter - Vertibrate Publishing, Sheffield. ISBN 9 781910 240434