ClarenceHouseNotUsedToThisGuff writes:
Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have made more decisions on their upcoming wedding. Prince William had expressed a wish to attend the Radcliffe Cycle Jumble "one get sorted with new ergolever thingy for may fixie, yah".
They will have special dispensation to arrive at the start of setting up time, securely passing the "earlybird dawntraders". After, they will be flown by gyrocopter to Buckingham Palace. Later, they will pick up a tandem and ride along the processional route, which includes Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade and The Mall, before finally reaching Westminster Abbey.
The service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Atkinson.
The couple will return along the same route, but this time in a carriage procession, with the tandem fixed on the Halfords Appoling Lugbike carrier attachment.
To celebrate the great event (bike jumble) the day will be declared a bank holiday. Desperate royalists can watch the wedding on the television. Drinkers will have an extra 2 hours to devour even more pints of beer attracting VAT at 20% for HM's government.

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