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Mark Hudson

The picture looks like a genial provider of thirst-quenching liquids at L'Eroica Britannia. It is not a well-known fact* that he is also a consumate musician. Musical skills are appreciated at L'Eroica which all day long has musical entertainment, encompassing all tastes.
In respect of his instrumentation, style and timing Mark is noteable. His instrument is a plastic toy battery claxon horn. In his 2014 performance Mark's style was more Avant Guard#. It could be classified as minimalist, since his horn produced only one "note". His timing was from midnight to when the batteries run out. He has promised no repeat performances but memories of his Tour de Force+ two years ago remains etched in the memory of those within earshot.
* Not a fact at all
# Not a spelling error - no ear-guards were issued.
+ Not a spelling mistake (and not France). His performance was delivered from the mini-bike shown, giving all his entire solumnant audience an equal treat. His playing whilst riding showed extreme coordination.
PS Later on Sunday coordination wasn't much in evidence. Fellow jumblers weren't very symapthetic - they have no sense of humour. Well, some laughed. It seems possible that he had not been drinking orange squash the night before.

Barry Parker

New Face of jumbles! Keen rider Barry Parker is always at jumbles buying and selling, been doing these events for 10years + Has many contacts in the cycle trade. He runs the New Dronfield bike jumble in Sheffield, the debut was a great success. It is perhaps a case of "if you can't beat them, then join them".
When some weeknesses were sought from Barry he admits to flying over the handle bars of mountain bikes and having no technical skills off road. He has a perhaps connected "bad habit of riding retro MTB's that fall apart". It would seem he would be better risking flying over the handlebars of racing bikes.
Dronfield has perhaps one, and only one, claim to fame. It is the home of the oldest football club in the world - Sheffield FC (not Wednesday or United)


Paul represents the new face of bike jumbles (actually the only new face)
He uses his youth and unfairly sylph-like physique to pounce quickly onto a bargain. For example at Sheffield recently the muttering, fat-chewing and chattering of the latter part of the event was broken by someone who must have been a town cryer in a previous life. "Everything I've got left is a pound!" he announced. I didn't hear the "oh Yeh" Paul was there like a long dog. He is shown here, gloating, with the prizes of his sprint. I'm not sure this conduct is be praised.

Ken Tye

For his sins he is chair of Redditch R&PCC and has run the club jumble for the last 6 or 7 years. He used to be a "trackie" in the 50's, but I then took 40+years off, to work, and raise a family. (that certainly is some pause)
He says he has had a boring life when I explored the possibility of some "dirt"!. Any help from readers???

Sheldon Brown

I have broken my own rules. I have chosen someone who has not (as far as I know) ever been to a UK bike jumble, nor is he alive. He died on January 3rd and was an crazy all-American enigma. In addition to being an addicted, mad and wonderfully enthusiastic cyclist he had the knack of explaining thoroughly and entertainingly everything about the mechanics and repair of bicycles.
The internet became his main medium, since when he worked at Harris Cyclery he was expected to work rather than chat. I have just added to this page Doug Pinkerton and Dave Marsh. From all reports Sheldon possesed a drier humour than Doug and (some would not believe) was more verbose than Dave.
I recommend his Harris Cyclery website, whatever you need to know about "fixing" is there. To the French he claimed he was a Francofile. to the English an Anglofile. What is certain is that he knew his stuff. There are over 1000 pages on the websites - chortle AND be informed! He answered 200 emailed queries every day. He gave it all for free! Also his own website to find about the man when he was alive.
And also his memorial webpages.
The Times obituary
His mission statement was "I have always loved riding bicycles, especially for the feeling of freedom and self-sufficiency that they give".
The last words on his blog were "Actually, my ideal scenario would be a Clinton/Obama ticket, with Obama running in 2016 as VP. However, it's very unclear that such a ticket is possible, so Obama/whoever is my next choice. (Feb 3rd 2008 - the day he died)

Robin Hatherall

Minimalist jumbler - has very few items on his stall which he is often selling off for other people. Or failing to, he grumbles.
However he spends most of his time at jumbles socialising,
Big Veteran Cycle Club man and Hill Special (a rare Lancashire bike) expert.
Robin's Hill Special website

Pete McLeod.

Lively and highly amusing north-easterner jumble addict who is wont to say "this is my last one, I'm just clearing the last of my stuff" or "I've only got a few things, if you buy them all I can get away", (without any intention of leaving)

Tony Huntingdon

Remarkable total enthusiast of those large ordinaries (penny farthing to the masses). His job involves repairing them, which encompasses much metalurgy as well as fine engineering, and it seems like a major hobby too. Greatly involved with the Bygones Club of Yorkshire.
Photo - Tony with wife Elsie

Ken Downing

Ken runs the Bike Jumble at Thurcroft, near Rotherham. A lifetime bike enthusiast and a Thurcroft resident he was a miner for a while until Mrs Thatcher decided his trade was pointless. He turned to bikes. He had his own cycle shop in Thurcroft. He now works in a famous bike shop in Rotherham and is an active bike jumbler. He has two high-achieving biking sons and still tries to keep up with them by riding vets road races of about 50-60 miles.
He has two sons, Dean and Russell, who have had great success on British roads, and foreign ones too, including those of the Giro D'Italia. Ken has some health hickups recently but has reappeared on the jumble scene. It was odd without him. He has returned to pounding those roads round Thurcroft way.
Clive comes from Oxfordshire and works in a bikeshop. He has an opposite spproach to Mr Thurmer - his "displays" are simply boxes on the floor, a bungalow approach. If you ask he may lend you knee-pads. He may have had a table at one time. He always seems to be eating which suggests he should be rotund and not his sylph-like shape. Are his boxes worth searching? YES! You might find something quite rare - Clive won't know what's there.
All his regular customers suffer from Housemaids knees or Rumage box back.
He hasn't been seen for some time.

Francis Thurmer

Could be compared with Sheldon Brown (above), only he's from High Wycombe. He has long had a "Hard to find" mail order business except you can't mail him. Emailing is out too. So Hard to find! You phone him at certain times to obtain his services. The services (according to his advert) includes sales, repairs, wheel-building. More gentile services include hub stroking, rim fondling and mooching. His final listed offering are Ego massaging and Michael extraction.

Toad sexing, spanner management, spoke sculpture and sudoko instruction are notable omissions.
His Jumble excursions feature new world-record sky-scraping display stalls which must concern air traffic control. ----->

Steve Chantler

Steve is a much-travelled jumbler from Newbury. Various people around the country get a surprize annual phone-call to offer his company for the evening. It is probably sheer coincidence that ,next day, there would happen to be a bike jumble in their area. He carries a very varied stock and you could find on his stall anything from 1920's brake guide brackets to modern featherlight titanium bolts which assist the weight obsessed rider greatly. Or least by 8 grams (1/3rd Ounce for imperial addicts). His multi-storied displays are well worth the rummage. You will, quite probably, find something he doesn't know he has.

Stuart Collins

I am the author of this website. The photo needs some explanation. There was a cyclist cafe in the Vale of Belvoir called Margarets, on the Nottingham / Leicester border. There was a teapot sign outside. The photo is me bringing it home as a keepsake. Possible caption - Teapot and crackpot?!

Mike Clark

This is a horrible first since I created this page and website in 2003. Mike is a Who was Who. He died on the 25th May 2014 of a heart attack. His small Obituary from me is on the News page. His funeral is on the 12th of June, again refer to the News page. I am leaving the bit below as it is and without the tense change. It will be sad when I have to do this. Stuart : 30th May Mike lives in the Kentish outpost of Hamstreet. He runs four Jumbles a year, one at Bethersden. He worked for the well-known F.W.Evans for many years (before they went Halfords-like and blister-pack mad).
He can be relied upon for good advice. He doesn't normally look like he has got jaundice but the cameraman must have chosen the halloween setting on his digital dial! He sells almost exclusively high-end components and knows them inside out.

Doug Pinkerton

He was almost born into cycling. His dad John ensured that bikes were the shared family hobby - no choice!
In his early 70's he, in effect, commuted from England to Australia. He rode high bikes there and track events on conventional machines. Modesty prevents him from saying that he won 5 Australian track championships and then won some more titles in the UK.
Doug launched his own restoration business in 1984 under the government Enterprise scheme. He will restore anything, high bikes to childs' trikes. All challenges are equally challenging. There is probably nobody with more intimate knowledge of the "triangulation gone mad" Dursley Pederson. He has even restored one for a Dane!

He started the Jumbles at Kidderminster in 1989 when there were only four venues.
When his dad died, his friends formed the John Pinkerton Memorial Fund. Tragically Doug's brother Dave was killed and became another focus of the Fund. One of the aims of the fund is to publish rare uncommercial cycling material. Volume 2 of Cycling Catalgues is up for reprint already.

Dave Marsh

Author Anon writes " Bike shop owner for 25+ years. Total specialist in his field. He's a mine of information, a human database.
No matter how large or small an object, it is never worthless. I have found the odd nut stock in the grooves of my shoe, thrown in into the bin, only to find Dave digging through the old teabags /junk saying "it's got value!". Then he would launch into the history of the nut, its usages and how rare that one was!
I would not say he was a tidy man. He has a place for everything and everything has a place - pity no one knows the place!
He's a really "Cracking guy" and very knowledgible. If his legs were as powerful as his jaw he would have been an olympic champion! I have never seen someone talk so much. His favourite expression is "absolutely brilliant", and so is he, helpful and hardworking. He has a heart of Reynolds 531. An original!"
Daves shop website, including Tom Simpson Celebration

Mystery man.

Mystery man! Seen at many a jumble but not often near his table. Considered an absolute expert and writes in Cycling Plus Fours.
Identity not certain but rumoured to be called Mr E.Bay.

Charles Jepson

Charles is well known as the organiser of the Oakhill College, Whalley, Lancashire bike jumble.
He is even better known as Chairman of the National Clarion Club (1895). There is a rumour that he formed it with Karl Marx, formerly of Das Kapital Rouleurs. If this is true he looks very good on his estimated age of 140 years.

Walter 'Wally' Happy

Wally has become the London-ish Bike Jumble impresario. He was born in Chelsea in 1932 and was a keen cyclist from an early age. As the war approached so did his chances of being called up - and going to join the Korean war. I can imagine him riding furiously around thinking he was being chased by the postman. In 1954 they caught up with him and he enrolled for basic training in the RAF Signals. He was vaguely hopeful of reaching Paris as part of the 1955 British Tour de France team. Instead of that he was posted to Paris! In the time-honoured way he used his cycling and organisational ability to represent the forces. (Sporting excellence was used to attract recruits, perhaps on the basis that they thought they'd just ride a bike around). He became team captain of Army Track and Road teams and won many events for his force. One of his noteable victories was the Competitive Cycle Rollers Championship which was televised. It sounds like an early "simply come pedalling". All the riders covered the same distance (0 yards) so it was finally decided by the time taken. He has represented Britain in foreign road races and various paced track events. He would follow anything, pacing bikes, pacing tandems, Durnies and a number 37 bus when late for his tea. (the list is endless and possibly unpublishable). He has also done grass track, 25 mile time trials and much more beside - a true all-rounder.
His service career saw him specialise in dentistry for quite a few different organisations. His 22 years regular service terminated in 1981. He had meanwhile married Pat Westlake (cycling family, some pursuit) in 1957. To very great relief she has recently recovered from ill-health. Wally has retained something more than a passion for cycling and has been highly active in keeping Herne Hill as a cycling venue, as against a housing estate or a Tesco. His humour is renowned and he lives up to his name (no not Wally). The only time he must have "looked down in the mouth" was when he did dentistry! He is well and widely known as a very friendly, informative and active figure in many areas (including cycle jumbles)

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