This is the magnificent trophty awarded to the annual 
 winner of the local Tin Can Ten race for hub-geared bikes only
I would like this page to be adopted by folk who know a lot more than I do about hub gears, Moultons and the like.
Meanwhile, here are three pictorial marvels showing you :-
  • how a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub works, using excellent animations. Young Eric Smith of MIT has done a great job here (for his degree? Give him a doctorate!)
    Click to visit moons and planets

  • And how to take a Sturmey AW 3 speed apart for servicing, for downright curiousity or as a test to confirm insanity.
    Complete job is over 68 scrolling photographic frames. Then you need the next slideshow to put it back together again. You'll need your laptop close - watch you don't get grease in the keyboard. Don't blame me if the parts do spring off. The nice man says they won't and he believes that the AW is the "ideal starter hubstripping project". He also suggests doing it on the kitchen table, with a vice on it, as they sometimes have. He probably isn't into marriage guidance counselling, or married?
    Click for dismantling demo

    So that takes care of Monday night, you could go on to stripping the FW 4 speed on Tuesday.
    He remarks that he has a tub of Sturmey cogs etc. I just wonder if he got these whilst "in training" for the slideshows.
    Actually the website is superb. He reminds us, admirably, often and with indignation, that William Reilly was the inventor and not either Sturmey or Archer. Good man! He is into Moultons as well. A real 10/10 website.

  • All about "English 3 speed bikes", brakes, hubs etc. Nice gentle introduction
    Click to be consoled that you do know a little