A tribute of big Vcc, bike-lover of all sorts and major TCT supporter Phil Wray
by Geoff Bird of the British Human Powered Club

Those of you who have been club members for more than a few years will remember Phil Wray regularly competing in BHPC races with his wife Lorna, as well as organising the BHPC event at Milton Keynes Bowl between 1999 and 2005. It is my very sad duty to have to tell you that Phil unexpectedly passed away last week from complications following a virus. This has come as a big shock to us as Phil was a good friend to Fiona and me. We will remember him among his vast collection of bicycles of all ages that occupied every room of the house AND a large outbuilding Ė a dedication to two (and three) wheeled machines that even most BHPC members canít come close to! Many of you may not know that Phil was a significant figure in the British cycling community. He ran a mobile bike shop from 1992 and owned and rode just about every type of bicycle: Veteran and vintage bikes, custom bicycles, Raleigh Choppers, Moultons, Bromptons, mountain bikes and racing trikes as well as recumbents, having campaigned a Baron and Kingcycle both on the track and the open road. He was enthusiastic about all of them! He was also the editor of the magazine of the Vintage Cycle Club for a number of years and sometimes appeared on film and television, usually riding a historic bike. He will be widely missed.
All our love to Lorna

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Was Greg Lamond making a comeback??
and choosing the Tin Can Ten to do so?

Mystery surrounds the event. One minute we are seeing Mr.Lamond dispensing wisdom on the 20th stage of the Tour de France on Eurosport. Then next, we think we are seing him in the Tour de Tincanten. Riding under the name of Peter Bedingfield seems quite a cunning ploy. I can add nothing more to this rumour, but the photo below seems convincing enough.