The David Eccles cartoons

What follows is a collection of cartoons and illustrations done by David Eccles. His humour connects current events with epicycle-ism, a rare disease afflicting users of hub gears. They are, you'll agree, not dissimilar to some of the famous cycling illustrator Frank Pattersons' funnier stuff..
Patterson has published many books and sold thousands. David has a much smaller audience and since the original Brian Donnan website went into retirement, and its' creator to Spain, it has been effectively zero. For many years his "latest" adorned the application forms for TCT races. I rather imagine pretending to enter so that they could obtain the cartoon.
They have been languishing in the outer-aether of cyberspace. I have retrieved four of them without so much as a Illegal hack. (thanks to John Catt) Anyhow, here you are, his wonderful quirky cartoons re-launched. As you are here, you are, or will become, an appreciator!! Scroll on .....

The "Other" Tin Can Trophy. Awarded to winners of the Tin Can
Twenty-five series of races based in the south of England.

There are many other cartoons by David. I would welcome any being sent to me for publication.