Daniel Summerfield born 1991

The 2008 TCT race included, unbeknown to all, a top, aspirant young American champion rider. Months before the TCT an article in the US Bicycling Magazine predicted that the mantle of the successor of Lance Armstrong was due to be taken by either Taylor Phinney or Daniel Summerhill (see below)

His English mother, Fran, is a fine cyclist and triathlete. She emigrated to Colorado. In July 2007 Daniel was staying with his aunt in Kinoulton, Notts and was seeking a race of some kind to leven his holiday training regime. I suggest the TCT! My task then was to find a bike for him. He finished up with a Trent Sports. Nothing sporty, truth be told, with bed-stead frame, steel wheels, carrier and a dynamo. All original but how could Raleigh have called it "Sports"? Daniel might have been better off without the dynamo not being on (a view probably shared by the pilots of planes coming into East Midlands Airport). He went off course twice and wasn't too taken with the bike compared with his usual carbon fibre featherweights. It took him a while to locate the gear lever and was a bit troubled by a how few gears there were.

Finally it may have been that he he felt that adding the TCT to his growing palmames would not advance his career overmuch. He came in 13th and was not that chuffed.

Earlier in the year he had come 7th in the Espoire Paris-Roubaix (the junior version). In 2007 he had been pipped to the gold medal in the World Junior Cyclocross Championship. He had falled heavily on sheet ice and would have won if the race had been 5 metres longer. Also, that year he came 7th in the Junior World Race Championships despite being the youngest entrant. Also he won an Junior American Championship Track Gold in 2007.
As a junior he has been an American champion 7 times. In the USA they are very keen to groom riders through the age-groups. He has continued to learn his trade in the Garmin Development squad. Next Page His 2010 results include 3rd in the Tour of China and the victory in the US U23 cyclocross national championships.

Taylor Phinney is the offspring of two great cyclists. His dad Davis was absolutely the first American to impact on the world cycling scene and the first to win a stage of the tour de France. For a while Taylor's progress was overshadowed by Daniel, until he concentrated on the track. He astounded everyone by winning the 2009 UCI Track Cycling World Championships (seniors not Juniors), and again at the 2010 event. All before becoming 21! This year he came 2nd in the Tour of Romandie Prologue.
The photo below is of Daniel in the Tour of the Gila 2010. You can probably tell that is not West Leake, following a dry spell! There is no certain sign of a "tin can" but with that enclosed wheel one just could be hidden. But probably not.

PPS [July 2014]
Daniel has progressed with the United Health Care US-based team. The team is trying very hard to get into the "first division" but this is a very difficult thing to do (not least for an American team). Daniel has been working hard and had two bonuses in the tour of California. One was ousting Wiggins by one place on day 3 and he got to ride with his teanage best-mate Taylor Phinney. He hopes to ride in the Tour of Britain

Watch Daniel in Colorado Cyclocross 2007