This is the magnificent trophty awarded to the annual 
 winner of the local Tin Can Ten race for hub-geared bikes only
Definition :- Tin Can is the loose term for a bicycle hub gear. Sturmey Archer of Nottingham, are one of the most familiar makers of hub gears. They were first made in 1902 and used in the Tour de France in the 1930's.
Since that time they have seen little sporting use. There has been no race exclusive to hub-geared bicycles. Until recently. In fact, since 1992, when one was launched in West Leake in the south of Nottinghamshire. The race is still going. There you have it :-
Oh, and race is over TEN miles - well 10.8 miles actually

Please read on to get an essence of this fascinating and slightly eccentric event. It consists of two laps of 5.4 mile quiet rural circuit fairly close to Kegworth. It is technically a time trial and is run in accordance with the Cycling Time Trials Ltd. This is the sport's governing body in England and Wales. regulations.
Four additional special rules apply
  • Rule 1 Riders must use hub-geared (tin can) bikes only.
  • Rule 2 Riding a "sensible" bike cuts no ice.
  • Rule 3 It is to be enjoyed.
  • Rule 4 See rule 1, above.

Some more information follows

Event name:- Tin Can Ten
When:- Annual : next one 11th July 2015
Where:- West Leake, Nottinghamshire. Map Ref SK 523262
Postcode for Satnav:- LE12 5RQ
Type of event:- Time trial - very casual
Distance:- 10.2 miles (16.3km)
Cost of entry:- 3!!!
Who can enter:- Anyone - but riding a hub-geared bicycle. Should be a member of TT registered club
How to enter:- Just turn up between 1:30pm to 2pm
Event run by:- Loughborough Pheonix Cycling Club

This race has a cult following, with many travelling 50miles+. Most of the riders use bikes which are as old as themselves. The only requirement is using a machine with hub gears, Sturmey Archer or any example. Riders do not have to be mad but it helps. It should attract more local riders.
You might win the trophy, shown, or alternatively a "Loughborough sock", an arbitrary prize.
The "event centre" is in, under or around a gazebo in a layby 200m west of Sun Inn, West Leake. There are snacks, hot and cold drinks and one (and only one) peice of the famously made special cake!
It is "properly" organised with official starter, timer and following official CTT regulations. It is great fun and has attracted at least two former professionals and a young American who has won 7 American Championship titles and now signed for the Garmin Cevelo cycle team. And many mere mortals!!
By the way, did you know that Sturmey Archers were first produced in 1902 and were used in the Tour de France in the 1930's?

I have recently been provided with full results from the last decade. The results I had were selective ones, probably the 1st three + those of Vcc racers. I will update asap. I would still welcome any contributions.

Course profile

Another map - from OS 25000 series

Bear in mind that the TCT course is over two laps of this course.

Distance scandal - Course length correction?

After many years of the course being used for practice, training and the Tin Can Ten it has been given as 5.4 miles long. I have measured it using OS map with analog and digital map-measuring devices, 2 bits of mapping software, a superior cyclometer and a Garmin. All the values are between 8240 metres to 8365 metres. The average of these is 8300 metres.
This equates to 5.154 miles or 5 miles 169 yards.