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Many more sites and snippets of information available but these are major sources.
Of course many of the sites have their own links so therefor "the world is your coaster"
If I get suggestions I will add to this list.

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       The Sturmey-Archer Story
Link to details of book by the incomparable Tony Hadland
The bad news??? It is now well out print. Amazon price 96 - 364.83. If you can get one grab it. If you check on Amazon beware of the "one click" button!
Sturmey Archer (current) website
Pretty glitzy and information-packed official website of the company. They are still alive and fairly well and living in Holland and the far east. Just like HP sauce.
Sturmey Archer Heritage
Staggeringly good website. It makes you feel very nostalgic via a modern medium. The Raleigh industry was one of the largest of any kind in the world. And look at it now. On this website.
The Moulton Bicycle Club
Great on the history of Alex Moulton's great ingininuity (despite Raleigh)

Website contains the word Mouton somewhere. Bit worrying! I hope they don't also ride French sheep - surely against EEC regulations?
The Folding Society
Fascinating website - past, present and future. Inevitably, much reference
to hub gears. Blogs galore. Very comprehensive links
Harris Cyclery.
Catalogue by Sheldon Brown.
Useful for ID purposes or should you wish to buy a hub-gear. Includes useful gear-calculator. Sheldon Brown worked for Harris Cyclery, Nr Boston, Massachusetts. He did their website (the official line) and his own website (better, funny and inside information). In the end it all gelled into a massive, fantastic,slightly chaotic encyclopedia of wisdom and wit for all cyclists.
Internal-Gear Hubs
Sheldon died on Feb 4th 2008. He left us with most of what he knew. His website was hit several million times per annum and I can't imagine this has lessened since his death. Wonderfully clear Information spiced with humour! For great insight, and a chortle, look up "stuck seatposts"
The Moultoneers
Small friendly special interest group. They are extremely helpful, have meetings, rides, exchange information
The folding cyclist
"The site for folding bike enthusiasts" is what is on the can. Pretty good video showing Andrew Richie, founder of the Brompton company giving a relatiovely unbiased report on the concept of "folding" and Bromptons.
Brompton bicycle
Book by David Henshaw, editor of "A to B" magazine
Well reviewed book about the history and development of the Brompton
Paperback: 160 pages / Publisher: Excellent Books (1 Jan 2010) / ISBN-10: 1901464229
ISBN-13: 978-1901464221 / Size: 20.2 x 14.8
Reviewers only grumbles are about it being uncritical and not mentioning the failures (which at one time nearly brought the company to its' knees as well as the riders)
P.S. you don't have to buy it from Amazon.
Rohloff hub gears
Now seems to be the Rolls Royce of hub gears. Used by all three "round the world" record breakers (all British riders). They might Rohloff the assembly line but are blinking expensive!
Inside a Rohloff
A bit of Youtube eye candy. The main virtue being to warn you off taking one apart to see how it works (or did work before you took it apart).
SRAM hub gears
Formerly Sachs Huret, in turn an amalgamation of two great European companies. They were the pioneers of multi-geared hubs. The Sturmey Archer board sat on their hands for three years saying "it won't be any more than a fad" or "3 speeds in enough for anyone". The consequent death of S-A (UK) took under 15 years.
Fundamental website, but worth a look. It's work in progress. No graphics but readable and full of useful data. The webman invites help. It could be a new "Sheldon Brown" in its embroyonic stages. You read it here!
The Common Wheel
Charitable organisation dealing with music and cycling as therapy. Inspiring reading. Nice simple website which gives an insight into what was, is, and might soon be available. No great detail but useful never the less. Haven't we all gone out on our bikes for therapy at some stage?
Loughborough & District Cycle Users' Campaign
Awareness of cyclists and their needs is high in Loughborough thanks to Tin Can regular John Catt. He sets a fine examples to others, to "get a voice" and use it. I bet those North Leicstershire pothole-filling chaps have second thoughts, and do the job properly!
Nottingham is a county with many cycling possibilities. Events are put on by such a variety of "special interest groups" that it is not too easy for a newcomer to find out about them. This site seeks to show all the opportunities for the more individualist rider. Robin Hood is alive and well, on his bike and ....(you wouldn't believe the rest, it's a tale.)
Bike Jumbles
This Google No.1 site informs the browser of the existance, dates, venues of Bike or Cycle Jumbles. The prices are a fraction of new, and of Ebay. There are many rare, vintage parts you just wouldn't get elsewhere. You can handle the goods, make an offer (might be turned down!) and, best of all, chat to any of 100 or more cyclists who represent a huge posse of cycling wisdom. Last year there were about 80 jumbles in 42 locations. The site has a great amount of other material. Someone told me they spent an entire evening reading it all. It has similar humorous approach to this website.
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