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The ride is in danger and needs more riders, otherwise it will fold. Last year had the fewest riders ever. I am not wishing for a high placing myself but coming 13th sounded less good when there were only 13 riders.
Loughborough Pheonix make a great effort to put up tents, marshall very efficiently, make and serve food. Spread the word; I / we don't want the 27th year to be the last. It remains great fun.It is the only such event in the world. Come on! I would like more riders just coming, borrowing a 3-speed bike, whatever. I have three to loan. Please try to nag friends and club members. It is not specialist; it is fun and endangered.
25th January 2017

(now fairly old) News (2014)

American Daniel Summerfield rode the TCT in 2006. He has an English mother Fran and lives in Colorado. After some early victories and being a repeat World Champion at cyclocross he settled into the United Health Care cycling team.

Newer stuff about Daniel. In the Tour of California 2014 he spend the day riding alongside Bradley Wiggins all day long, chatting and promenading. Daniel picked brains, and learned a great deal, and Brad was pleased to hear that Daniel has some English blood and was happy to dispense advice, jokes and some inside information on riders he had no time for.
Daniel has just achieved his first pro one-day race victory in the 2015 Reading120. It's him (left) in a determined and wet sprint. In the conditions shown below, he would have been in his element. In the TCT06 the weather was too nice for him. His excuse for not winning was perhaps to do with the loaned Roadster with steel mudguards, 40lb weight, carrying a 16lb turkey, gears he didn't know he had, and a dynamo which was turned on. That was true handicapping. Ok, I was lying about the turkey.

Sad news - the death of Phil Wray

On February 2nd 2015 Phil died suddenly from a failure to recover from a virus. He and his wife Lorna have graced the Tin Can Ten for many years and encouraged many others to come from far and wide. What was very notable was the range and variety of cycles he employed on TCT day (I'm told his was a mere tip the iceberg regarding his collection). He was involved with many organisations, most of them linked with cycling. The Vcc magazine was edited by him. He built up Harwood Cycles in Lancashire. The TCT has lost a great mentor, who obtained and presented the prizes. There is a fine obituary in the Articles section of this website.

This and that

I would like to publish any submissions on the topic of the Tin Can events, suitable bikes, hub gears etc. by anyone other than me. These will go in the "Articles" section.
This section is aimed to be topical.

First off a tribute (is it?) from Peter Bedingfield :-

"Great event, really quirky. If every Englishman's duty is to be eccentric, then every English biker's duty is to be epicyclic".

It's t'internet / biter bit
I thought of browsing for some more of David Eccles brilliant cycling cartoons. The only ones I found were the ones which have been culled from this website over 5 years.

Last year 2016 notes - 25th event - [Silver anniversary]*

[ *A.Pedant said :- 2016 will be the 25th event but only 24 years since the first one -
quite unlike marriages where you have to go the full term! ]
  • I would encourage anyone who has done the TCT over the years to come and celebrate the 26th edition on the 8th July 2017.
  • To those who did this years event, return with a friend.
  • Each of these suggestions would give, say, more 20 riders. I am planning to provide some serious and whimsical prizes, similar to the early days of the event. I will try to get a celebrity to come and ride and present the prizes.

Was Greg lamond "moonlighting"?

Greg Peter
I know this is just a theory but I believe that the 2015 TCT was graced by a famous American and three-times Tour de France winner. Of course, later on the same day he seemingly gave his verdict on Chris Froome to Eurosport viewers saying that Froome had effectively secured victory in that "other race". In these days of global communications was it not possible that he was delivering his "sermon" from the top of Moulter Hill? The time also fits this theory. Finish riding at 2.58, towel down and prepare for broadcast at about 4pm. On the computerised TCT results sheet there is recorded a rider called Peter Bedingfield. This is just the sort of name an "imposter" might use. I assume he didn't aim to win the TCT (thereby drawing attention to his subterfuge). He apparently allowed a close relative to "beat" him, to allay suspicion. However, having won most races, world-wide, isn't it understandable that Greg should wish to add the TCT to his palmares? It was something Merxcz, Poulidor, Armstrong, Anquetile, Coppi et al never won

The TCT ups and downs

Below is a newly produced profile of the TCT course. There is nearly 60 metres / 200ft of climbing, 21 metres of which is on the early Moulter Hill. And it's not all downhill from there.
And, oh, I haven't mentioned that you go round twice.

There are very many articles on hubs gears - have a look, click on About hubs in the main menu
please email them to me