Photo Gallery

I would welcome photos from 1992 to 1997 inclusive
The gallery is in reverse chronological order(if that is logical?)
There are but three small pictures from 1996 and three from 2003 - these are all I could recover from the archive of the previous Brian Donnan website.
P.S further to the last bit about Brian's archive the results seem to have been the first three and members of the Veterans Racing Club. As I type this I have been kindly sent most of the 90's results in full!!! I have put those up. Thanks to Cathy Melia and Stuart Crick for hunting down.

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Photos of 2017 Tin Can Ten Race

Contributors David Eccles, Chris Lomas and Stuart Collins
Complex analysis of perfomance data " "Winner - Sheffield man of steel Mark Hudson. Second by 52 seconds - Chris Thompson " "Nick Hando - watched on by Race supremo Stuart Crick
Race founder David Eccles (left) C.Hall 1st in transport vehicle category
Former Winner John Dainty

R.Mudd contemplates technology David Gray - mysteriously came too late to defend title
"Knows the course"Senior pro" Mick Gould Was he proud of his ride?
The only Moulton on show - Distinguished (looking) Moulton rider - with L'Eroica pose

Chris Lomas in action pose i.e product testing for the caterers
Contributors :- Stuart Collins, David Eccles, Chris Lomas & Harold Harwood
More photos

Photos of 2016 Tin Can Ten Race

Contributors Stuart Collins

L to R
Chris Lomas, Martin Temple, Stuart Collins, David Cole, Minoru Mitsomoto, John Dainty, R.Mudd, Ron Johnson , Mick Gould , Andy Forey, Junior Marshall, Morgan Reynolds, Gerry Charnley, James Slater
Background left Stuart Crick (scalp of) : Right ??, David Bousfield, ??
Action Photo of Andy ForeyChris Lomas gives it his all, (or most of it).
Gerry Charnley concentratingJohn_dainty tucked up
First TCT win for David ColeDavis gets trophy from Stuart Crick
Heart of the race organisation
R. Mudd's Brompton.jpg Minoru cuts the "25th year" cake
Entry sheet with tell-tail ages The official records sheet
Award for Minoru Mitsomoto for all 25 years
of the Tin Can Ten
Minoru holds special award trophy

Photos of 2015 Tin Can Ten Race

Contributors Stephen Dee, Harold Harwood and Stuart Collins

Mick Gould demonstrates :- How to REALLY start a time trial (part 1, continued)
Supreme concentration on the task
ahead. Totally wound like a coiled spring.
Translation into scorching acceleration.
No, no ! No hint of a push!
Has this gent blundered into a race?Stephen Dee's Bickerton
Peter and John Bedingfield locked in brotherly mortal combat.
John won, Peter "graciously" concedes. ("Dammit")
If only Peter could ride like Greg Lamond as well as look like him.
Chris Thompson just seen hiding behind Rob (leftmost), as well he might hide, having been beaten by his son
Ron tells Rob how to win. Note
Rob's winning bike, a gas-pipe/ steel wheels handicap of a one.
Blurred background gives a false impression of
the speed of Stuart Collins
Mick passes on the TCT trophy Watch this birdy Mick
David Cole and Harold Heyworth discuss
their prospects for next year
Though not set in stone
the results are final ....

Photos of 2014 Tin Can Ten Race

Contributors John Dainty, John Dainty's mate and Stuart Collins
Moultoneer Andy Forey Bike of Stephen Dee
Featuring all mod-cons including shaver socket,
satellite tracker, stove, first aid kit and
horse-hoof stone remover
The bike version of the Swiss army knife.
Nonogenarian debutant Bryan Colbourne. No he tells me octogenian debutant1st placed Chris Thompson
Controversy!TCT virgin Dai Roberts
Later to blame the bike I lent him
Harold Heyworth (lower half)
and his trusty Rudge
Moultoneer Gerry Charlwood
David Cole - looking tired even
before starting
Martin Temple & Stuart Crick.
Phil Wray doing his speech. Sadly this
proved to be for the last time.
John Slater
Website man Stuart CollinsThe all-important results
The officials deal with explosive
Rockingham Rocket John Dainty
about to be launched
Lorna Wray Vcc founder Mick Gould
Harry Thompson (before bike fault
scuppered his chances of beating
his dad)
3rd Moultoneer Minoru Mitsumoto<
[blue arrow shows suspected jetpack]
Moultons packed for journey darn sarth?
(Nottinghamshire lingo)
"Suppose we might as well go home

Newly recovered photos of yesteryear (and the day before)

Thanks to Chris Thompson, Cathy Melia, Graham Lansdell + (keep them coming please)
Graham Lansdell in the 1993 : The earliest TCT picture???

The following three photos show Chris Thompson demonstrating the ravages
of time (or perhaps other factors).

Winning in 1995 - on loaned Dawes Racer
Winning in 2000 - on loaned Paris "Tour de France"
Not winning in 2005 - on loaned Raleigh Roadster which fell apart progressively. Gotcha!!

Early pictures of Chris Thompson

Both photos probably 2003
More action photo of Chris with a nice-looking Bates

Photos of 2013 Tin Can Ten Race

Too hot for supporters-with-cameras, paps and groupies - so not many photos this year.
Contributors Chris Thompson, Martyn Temple, Harold Heywood and Cathy Melia
Rider J.Andrews ready for the off.
Others L to R : Harold Heywood, pusherer Martyn Temple, timekeeper Stuart Crick, David Cole and Steven Dee.
Club Moulton AGM or Psyching session
Not New-style Pheonix timesheets, using hi-tech paper and not whiteboard

Graham Lansdell time-line

Graham Lansdell in the 1993
Graham Lansdell in the 2013 - same Coventry Eagle as 1993.

As Cathy has noted, Graham's hair-colour has changed a little but has his riding ability faltered?? Indeed it has. His time in 1993 was 28m 56s. In 2013 he did 29m 01s. Case proven!!

Photos of 2012 Tin Can Ten Race

First lot taken by me (Stuart Collins). 12pm 15th July. Please send more if you can. Further 4 photos courtesy of Antony Lomas and five from Chris Wilson. Thanks to them.
"Comeback kid" Ron Johnson Andy Forey. Boss-man of the 3 Moultoneers
John DaintyPusherer offer Martyn Temple
shares joke with Chris Lomas.
Stephen Dee - too fast to photoAntony Lomas
Minoru Mitsumoto Granville Horton /
plastic bike
Minoru Mitsumoto fine-tuning Paul Beasley
Phil Wray presents TCT trophy
to John Dainty
Blandford fly. Afflicted Phil Wray
last year*. He had to miss the race - a rarity.
Stuart Collins mustering smile
or is it a grimace?>
Winner John Dainty
Stuart Crick
solving time-keeping logistics
Brilliant action picture of Andy Forey
You can't say Minoru is toothless! Here's his 66 tooth secret weapon
Winner John Dainty's J.Pavey re-worked track bike
* After I asked Phil about his infection caused by the Blandford fly. I reached, as one does, for Sikipedia. I am familiar with a beer called Blandford fly but thought that too much beer should not prevent Phil from competing. However I now realise that the troublesome biting critter on the beer label is the cause of the problem. It seems to be a manifestation of the climate change, which some still don't believe in. Set the flies on them!!!. It seems the BF's like to have a blood gorge before mating, similar to the use of cocktails by humans in Nottingham City centre on a Saturday night.

Photos of 2011 Tin Can Ten Race

Any photos can be sent to you via email - will print out to 4x6, 5x7 or 6x8, not square as shown here
Prizegivings. Trophy to Rob GraySock to lanterne Rouge George Lowe
Ron Johnson, Annie Danvers & Dave BousfieldMobile marshall Harold Harwood
Time-keeper Stuart CrickStarter Martyn "not really pushing" Temple
Inevitable paperazziLowest slung bike

Photos of all starters of the 2011 event - Start and "action"

Left photo by Stuart Collins (or kind lady stand-in) : right photo by Ron Johnson
Scroll on for some excellent photos by Chris Lucas plus four submitted by David Eccles.
Race No.1Mike Gould
In 5 sets of pictures only one action shot of Mick. This one, above right, is by Chris Lucas
2 L.Rowe
3 George Rowe
4 David Eccles
6 Minoru Mitsumoto
7 Andy Forey
8 Graham Charlwood
9 Andy Jackson
Starter Martyn Temple declines to push off on H & S grounds because of the helmet
10 John Catt
11 Graham Lansdell
12 Stephen Dee
13 D.Bostock
14 Stuart Collins
15 David Cole
16 Rob Gray

Panorama and animation

Click on panorama to get larger scrollable picture in a new window
Next four photos by Chris Lomas
2011 Photos below by Cathy Melia
with apologies for amendments

2010 Photos by SC

Lorna WraySteven Dee?
Donald WorkmanSteve Kay?
Graham LansdellAndy Jackson
???Stuart Collins
Minoru MitsomotoSimon Dee
??? Rob Gray
Chris Thompson Mick Gould
Phil WrayHarold Harwood
???Coveted trophy
Results sheetFine Bates "Diadrant" machine
Click above for the bigger picture (everyone involved apart from the photographer and Stuart Crick)

2009 Photos by SC

Lorna Wraypursued (or not) by Phil Wray
Graham CharlwoodMinoru Mitsomito
"Photography tips. How not to"
lesson 1
Minoru wins tee shirt for serial
madness by riding every Tin Can race
Winner Chris Thompson The famous Simon Antill trophy

Results in black and white
Nice bike!


Photos after it was all over - taken by Dai Roberts
Oldest bike. 1920's HumberStuart Collins & American (now pro) Daniel Summerfield
Assembled mob at prizegiving


The only three photos recovered
and recently dug up. Winner Chris Thompson on 70's Holdsworth - too fast for shutter!!


The only three photos recovered
Photos are :-
Roger Hill - Moulton | Brian Donnan on Durdsley Pederson | The one & only John Woodburn
This is thought to have been the first TCT appearance of a Moulton , first of many.