Inaugural Tin Can Ten Bicyle Race
Held of the West Leake course 5.4 miles x 2 laps
Saturday 11th of July 1992
Put on by Loughborough Phoenix C.C.
NameClubStart order1st lap2nd lapTimePosition
John SkeavingtonLoughborough Pheonix026.3726.1052.4714
J. FleemanEly and District118.3915.1633.559
Ron JohnsonLeicester Forest217.3815.8533.237
Eric SaylissShepshed Phoenix329.21#off-course(17)
Peter CarterB.C.R.C420.3217.1837.511
The invisible man
Janine ElsegoodEly and Dist521.1317.3238.4512
Simon AnstillB.C.R.C617.1313.3430.476
John Wheat759.34#-(17)
David EcclesLoughborough Phoenix816.1512.2628.413
Alan SkeavingtonLoughborough Phoenix918.11#1 lap(15)
Charles ClaytonB.C.R.C1017.5117.8035.3110
Minoru MitsumotoB.C.R.C1116.5313.0629.594
Arthur GambleAshfield1221.4317.9639.3913
James ElsegoodEly and District1317.3813.0330.415
Stephen RalphLoughborough Phoenix1418.3414.9133.258
Anthony KayLoughborough Phoenix15DNF#chain off-
Nick ClaytonB.C.R.C1622.14#1 lap(16)
John TomkinsonEly and Dist1714.3811.2125.591
David Raynor????18#Retired-
Scott GambleAshfield1915.2611.2826.542

These results have recently been recovered by Betty Crick. Thanks to her.
As a "first", the attendance of 21 riders plus an "invisible man" (Ok it could have been a woman) was pretty impressive. David Eccles was the key man and would likely have contacted Phoenix members, Vcc members, work colleagues at Nottingham University, and any known time-trial habitues. And probably anyone whose paths he crossed or accosted whilst parking their bike outside Waitrose.
These results are unique on this website since they have individual laps times (always recorded but not published) On some result sheets the weather was described. In 1992 it wasn't. A glance at a sample of the manual results gives you some idea though.

In view of this aspect, and likely a lack of familiarity with the course, the recorded times were excellent. Of course they were "fine wine" in those days and have now become vintage (or what is known as old).
The winners time has survived to be the 2nd all-time best. The inclemency may have reduced road friction though some riders would have not valued this aspect very much whilst negotiating the six right angle bends. Perhaps this was the excuse of the invisible man entering and neither giving his name nor performing. Eric Sayliss had probably hoped these results (and the descriptor as "off-course") were buried for ever. Nowadays he could blame his Garmin for defaulting to the "home" option. Suffice it to say he has found his way round many times in the following 23 years.