TIN CAN TEN - 1993 results

Held on the Loughborough Pheonix C.C. East Leake Course - 2 x 5.4 miles - 9th July 1993
NameClubBike / hubTimePos'n
John TomlinsonSheffield Pheonix1935 Granby Tapertube / A AM25.291
Paul VincentSevern Valley R.C.1960 Carlton Capella S-A FC26.192
Richard GrigsbyBath C.C.APB5 Moulton S-A SS27.353
Merlin Evans-Saxon Twintube --
Brian Donnan-1912 D-Pederson --
Ian Turner -1900 DP--
Frank Turner-1954 Higgins trike --

The Tin Can trophy went to John Tomlinson, 2nd in a row
Results are first three and noteable (by bike type) others. Nothing else known at present#.
If anyone has any further information please email stu_collins (at) ntlworld.com - it will be added.
Amazingly after the race of 2015 I was sent the full results of 1993 by Betty Ann Crick. They are presented below.
Thanks to her for them.

Very many thanks to Loughborough Pheonix C.C. for running the event.

Tin Can Ten Results
West Leake Course
3rd July 1993
John TomlinsonSheffield Pheonix25.291936 Granby TapertubeS/A AM
Paul VincentSevern valley R.C26.191960 Carlton Capella S/A FC
Richard GrigsbyBath C.C.27.35Moulton AP?5S/A S5
Scot GambleAshfield R.C. 27.56Raleigh DynatechS/A S5
Merlin EvansStockport Clarion28.23Saxon TwintubeS/A Fixed
Graham LansdellTandem Club28.561903 Coventry EagleS/A FM
Minoru MitsumotoV-C R.C.29.18Moulton Mk IIII S/A FM
David EcclesLoughborough Pheonix29.341950 EphgraveS/A ASC
Clive WaltonRedmon C.C.29.46HetchinsS/A ASC
Simon AntillV-C R.C.29.58UnknownS/A FC
Brian DonnanCheltenham C.C.30.301911 Durdsley Pederson 3spd
John WheatleyV-C R.C.32.17UnknownS/A AM
Harold HeyworthLoughborough Pheonix32.461955 Raleigh SuperbeS/A AW
John StoneV-C R.C.33.041953 Grubb ' Cote de Jour'S/A FM
Steve RalphsLoughborough Pheonix33.08Raleigh ShopperS/A AM
Ron JohnsonLoughborough Pheonix34.231947 Paris Tour de FranceS/A
R.HodgkinsStourbridge C.C.34.22UnknownS/A AW
Frank TurnerHitchin Nomands34.421954 Higgins TrikeS/A 2spd coaster
Colin WoodLoughborough Pheonix34.42HetchinsS/A TF
Tony PickeringV-C R.C.35.25Humber 'Streak'S/A
Ian turnerHitchin Nomands35.311900 Durdsley PedersonS/A 2spd coaster
John CattLoughborough Pheonix35.401980 Coventry EagleS/A AM
Hilary StoneV-C R.C.36.45Bates DiadrantS/A ASC
Peter CarterV-C R.C.37.50Thanet SilverlightS/A FC
Mick ClaytonV-C R.C.40.10Bates DiadrantS/A AW
Don ClarkeRedmon C.C.#17.14SelbachS/A ASC
Notes # Don Clarke did 1 lap

An impressive entry for a 2nd race.
The note to the left suggests continuity (but maybe not for 23 more years)
Subject to confirmation the winners time has never been bettered.
Four riders rode both in 1993 and 2015, as follows :- Minoru Mitsumoto, Graham Lansdell, Howard Heyworth and Ron Johnson.
Peter Carter last rode in 2014 S.C

Graham Landsdell lapping, Michael Culper timing