TIN CAN TEN - 1994 results

Held on the Loughborough Pheonix C.C. East Leake Course - 2 x 5.4 miles - 9th August 1994
NameClubBike / hubTimePos'n
Scott GambleAshfield R.C.Raleigh S-AS Sprinter 25.211
John TomlinsonSheffeild Pheonix C.C.1935 Granby S-A AM25.522
Merlin Evans Stockport Clarion C.C.1959 Dawes Diploma S-A TF fixed 27.49 3
John Stone-1953 Freddie Grubb -
Ron Johnson -1947 Paris--
Keith Lakin Royal Mail standard issue Pashley

The Tin Can trophy went to John Tomlinson, 2nd in a row
Results are first three and noteable (by bike type) others. Nothing else known at present.
If anyone has any further information please email stu_collins (at) ntlworld.com - it will be added.

Thanks to Loughborough Pheonix C.C. for running the event