Tin Can Ten Results>
West Leake Course>
5th August 1995>
12John TomlinsonSheffield Pheonix26.161936 Granby TapertubeS/A AM
23Paul VincentSevern valley R.C27.161937 Bates DiadrantS/A FC
34Merlin EvansStockport Clarion28.561959 Dawes Diploma"S/A TF ""Obree"""
48Minoru MitsumotoV-C R.C.Farn & Camb30.37Moulton Mk IIII S/A FC
55David EcclesLoughborough Pheonix29.041950 EPhgraveS/A ASC
611Simon AntillV-C R.C.32.51UnknownS/A FC
710John WheatleyV-C R.C.31.43UnknownS/A AM
87Steve RalphLoughborough Pheonix30.3519?? Hercules shopperS/A AW
914Ron JohnsonLeicester Forest C.C.35.461947 Paris Tour de FranceS/A FC
1021Ann DanversLoughborough Pheonix45.3719?? Phillips Crap FrameS/A AW
1113Eric SaylissSheffield Pheonix35.371936 Baines WhirlwindS/A AW
1220Phil WrayV-C R.C.& A5 Rangers39.461956 Raleigh Lenton SportsS/A FM
1322Lorna WrayV-C R.C.50.541947 Humber SportsS/A TF
1423Andrew ThompsonLoughborough Road Clubdns1950's Raleigh SuperbeBSA3
1519Nick ClaytonV-C R.C.37.381950's HoldsworthS/A s2
165Morgan ReynoldsHinkley C.R.C29.341948 CarpenterS/A AM
1716Margaret SmithShirley R.C.37.071949 Runwell Special Touret?
186Peter SoperV-C R.C.30.28Bates UtopianS/A FC
191Chris ThompsonLoughborough Road Club25.461960's Dawes LandscaperS/A 4spd
2015Peter StrayV-C R.C.35.541935 Silver Sunbeam R.R.S/A 3spd
219John ButcherCatford C.C & V-C R.C.30.491949 Claud ButlerS/A FM
2217Andrew RobinsonV-C R.C.37.291950's Raleigh SuperbeS/A FW
2312Mick GouldLoughborough Pheonix34.3719?? HetchinsS/A TF
2418Michael GaylerV-C R.C.37.311946 HetchinsS/A Sprinter
Notes [written in 2015]
Looking for trends
Early starters seem to fair best. Perhaps they get the best levels of oxygen.
or they might be better organised, better focussed and, God forbid, actually get warmed up properly as well.
Is there nothing folk will stoop to?
Subject to checking the mens winning time has only once been surpassed
Margaret Smiths time of 37.07 has never been bettered by a female
What on earth is a Dawes landscaper (as ridden by Chris Thompson) ?

Notes - attached to the original results (Eccles humour still to emerge)
Thanks to Betty Ann Crick who has unearthed the results.
The tin can trophy was awarded to Chrsi Thomson for the best time of the day. John Tomlinson received the Cryto Bantam picture for a close second. A tin man T-shirt went to Paul Vincent for the third and a Tin woman T-shirt was awarded to Margaret Smith who was the quickest lady.
A very big thanks goes to everyone in the Loughborough Pheonix, aspecially to our time-keepers Muriel and Stuart, to marshals Phylis Williams, Pam Gould, Eil Marshall and Alan Skeavington , and to pusher-off Martyn Temple. An even bigger thanks goes to the very kind people who donated cakes and the life-saving provision of tea supplies, Eileen Johnson, Phylis Williams and all their helpers who make this one of the jolliest events in the calendar.
See you next year!