Tin Can Ten Results1997Saturday 19th July 1997
Held on the 10.8 mile West Leake course Organised by Loughborough Pheonix
Rider nameClubTimeBike makeGear type
Graham LandsdellTandem Club28.241903 Coventry EagleS/A FM
Merlin EvansStockport Clarion28.281959 Dawes Diploma"S/A TF ""Obree"""
Dave TigwellDursley & Dist R.C.28.36Tigwell Special low profileSachs 2spd
Minoru MitsumotoV-C R.C.28.38Raleigh trackS/A ASC
David EcclesLoughborough Pheonix28.531950 EphgraveS/A ASC
John ButcherCatford C.C & V-C R.C.29.161949 Claud ButlerS/A FM
Andrew ThompsonLoughborough Road Club31.111950's Raleigh SuperbeBSA3
Morgan ReynoldsHinkley C.R.C31.171948 CarpenterS/A AM
John WheatleyV-C R.C.31.38UnknownS/A AM
Roger WalkerLoughborough R.C.31.56Raleigh RSW16S/A AW
Paul KimberleyV.C.Swale32.50Royal Enfield MayflyS/A AW
Alan WrayCalder Clarion C.C.32.581940's CarpenterS/A FM
John StoneV-C R.C.33.041953 Grubb ' Cote de Jour'S/A FM
Gordon AlstonLoughborough Pheonix34.11Unknown road / track??
Phil WrayV-C R.C.& A5 Rangers34.191935 MerlinS/A AW hibrid
Derek DaviesV-C R.C.35.24James Golden ArrowS/A AM
John CattLoughborough Ph35.41980 Coventry EagleS/A AM
Michael GaylerV-C R.C.36.341946 HetchinsS/A Sprinter
Martin WhiteC.T.C37.121916 ParisS/A FM?
Ron JohnsonLeicester Forest C.C.37.411947 Paris Tour de FranceS/A FC
Eric SaylissSheffield Pheonix37.521955 Bates ""Volande"""S/A AW
Joan ListerCalder Clarion C.C.38.04Carlton C.C.S/A 5spd
Martyn TempleLoughborough Pheonix42.001886 Coventry Machinists TrikeCrypto 2spd
Tony BushV-C R.C.42.241920's MerlinS/A K type
Kathleen MitchelCalder Clarion C.C.44.331954 Claud ButlerS/A AW
Ann DanversLoughborough Pheonix45.2119?? Phillips Carp (anag) FrameS/A AW
Lorna WrayA5 Rangers46.121947 Humber SportsS/A TF
Timekeeper - Stuart Crick Pusher offerer - Eric Danvers : Marshall - Ron Johnson
Assistance/ cakes etc - Philis Williams, John Williams, Anna Marshall, Eileen Johnson

Report of the time - author unknown

The Tin Can trophy went to Graham Lansdell for the best time of the day, and a Tin Can T-shirt to Dave Tigwell and Merlin Evans for second and third respectively. Martyn Temple received a Tin Can T-shirt for his great effort on the 1886 trike. First-time time trialists Martin White and Tony Bush got a fistful of postcards as did Roger Walker for riding a RSW. A Tin woman T-shirt to the quickest Joan Lister and to Kathleen Michel for first-time rides. Postcards were awarded to Anne Danvers for a P.B.
Once again a big thanks has to go to Loughborough Pheonix, and especially to Phylis and John Williams, to Anna Marshall and Eileen Johnson for marshalling, to John B. Williams behind the tea urn, to everyuone who supplied the fantasic array of cakes, to Ron Johnson for keeping the riders in order, to pusher-off Eric Danvers and, most importantly, to time-keeper Stuart Crick.

Report by David Eccles, here reproduced after 19 years dormancy

Shortly before this year's : event the organiser was telephoned by a potential competitor who asked If Loughborough Phoenix was going to lay on the usual splendid tea and cake. The reply was that it was to be hoped so, but since this facility is provided through the kindness of the cake-bakers of L. P. it should not be taken for granted, and that epicyclic time-trialling was still possible in the absence of such material rewards.
Tin Man Trophy is a rather ambivalent reward for the best time of the day, insofar as it must be an absolute b _ _ _ _ _ to keep polished. So thanks to last year's holder Roger Walker for delivering it in such a scintillating condition. Roger nobly prejudiced his chances of a second win by riding what must be one of the most horrid small-wheel machines ever devised (sorry, sorry, apologies to its owner!) the Raleigh RSW, the industry's riposte in l965 to Alex Moulton's great machine. Andrew Thompson also lost a few minutes compared to last year, again possibly through using a machine not specifically designed for speed. That's sportsmanship for you. Moulton sized wheels also appeared on Dave Tigwell's beautifully built low-profile folding machine, which stimulated great interest among all the riders. The rear triangle is damped against the seat tube with a rubber knob from a roller-skate blade which apparently does the job very well even if it doesn't soften the ride quite as much as the Moulton's rubber ball. Dave's gear was a Sachs Duomatic, which works in a similar way to the S-A automatic we saw last year: that is, a sharp kickback to change gear, and a smooth back pressure to brake - not easy to master especially if you want to do both the same time. Anyone who might have been sceptical about the bike would have been disabused by Dave's time which was only a mere few seconds behind that of Trophy winner Graham Lansdell.
At the other extreme - indeed, in another century - we had the Victorian tricycle, kindly lent by John Screavington, on which Martyn Temple put in a staggering ride. At an average speed of over 15 m.p.h. he managed to better the times done on three of the 20th century machines. The sight of this great beast (the trike, that is) hurtling downhill with its front steering wheel continuously shlmrnying* at speed was indeed awesome. Indexed gears in 1886 - Shimano take note!
If swallowing flies is an occupational hazard on this course don't forget you can always say that they slowed you down. You should also remember that the distance is nearer to ll miles than 10.
We note with interest the steady improvement of Anne Danver's times and wonder if there is any direct ratio to be drawn between these and the emptying of the wicker basket - down to only one banana this year. Our timekeeper's straw hat should be commended too, as was his ability to manage the timing of two laps single-handedly, and while fending off the usual interruptions. Many thanks to him and to all the folk of the Loughborough Pheonix who generously give their time and energies and who make this event both possible and so enjoyable. If we are all very nice to them we should perhaps be able to have another Tin Can Ten next year.
We hope to see you then.

Great report as ever by David Eccles

* Neither my spelling / grammar checker nor my addled brain can determine what this word is meant to be. My only thought is that it might be a "drunken" word. Indeed, some fortifying alcohol might be useful before "tackling the beast". SC

Thanks to Betty Anne Crick for rescuing the report and to enable it make an electronic return. In 1997 the reports were probably done on Roneo machines (remember them??)

Cameras were obviously common then but there seems to be lack of photographic record. Martyn Temple's battle with a Coventry Machinists Tricycle was a truly epic one and in an amazing time. They weigh in excess of 50lb - one is shown below. It is not very likely to be the one Martin rode; or even shlmrnyied.

Dave Tigwell was a pioneering frame-builder. Have a look at his website. Much of it is to do with Dursley Pedersons and general restoration.
I am terrible abused by folk for my puns and other stupidities. Here's another one - Dave must have used tig welding. Apologies but just ended about 20 hours getting the website tidy and adding 4 years of missing results. Vis-a-vis the latter, thanks to Betty Ann Crick for coming up with the original (Roneo'd) results. The mothballed smell even survived the passage via email.
Stuart Collins

TIN CAN TEN - 1997 results : Stop-gap report

Held on the Loughborough Pheonix C.C. East Leake Course - 2 x 5.4 miles - 19th July 1997
NameClubBike / hubTimePos'n
Graham LandsellTandem ClubMercian S-AS ASC 28.241
John TomlinsonSheffeild Pheonix C.C.1997 Tigwell folder / Sachs 2sp28.262
Merlin Evans Stockport Clarion C.C.1959 Dawes Diploma S-A 5-speed 28.28 3
Martyn TempleCoventry Machinists Victorian tricycle
Michael Gould-1936 Curly Hetchins--
Derek Davis 1959 James Golden Arrow--

Graham Landsdell registered his first victory. The margins between the first three were amazingly close.
Results are first three and noteable (by bike type) others. Nothing else known at present.
If anyone has any further information please email stu_collins (at) ntlworld.com - it will be added.

Thanks to Loughborough Pheonix C.C. for running the event