2009 results

Tin Can Ten - Held on the East Leake Course - July 4th 2009
Run by Loughborough Pheonix Cycling Club
Start No.Name?Bike / hubvet?TimePos'n
1 Mike GouldLoughborough Ph. Hetchins-37.536
2 Ron JohnsonLoughborough Ph. 1938 Dawes/ACv See #-
3 K & D Wileman? Bike Friday Tandem/Sachs 377v 39.5011
4 Geoff Parkinson ?1934 Humber/KB5 v39.069
5 Stephen DeeLP + Shepshed Thorn E&P/Rohlhoff ?35.445
6 Lorna Wray? 1947 Humber/SA v48.5212
7 Phil Wray? Carlton Flyer/SA v39.4210
8 Gerry CharlwoodSpalding C.C Moulton FC4v31.104
9 Minoru Mitsumoto *? Moulton v30.433
10 John Dainty ?? v29.282
11 Adam Pride? Geoffrey Butler/Sram vDNF Puncture@N
12 Harold Heyworth? 1949 Rudgev 38.448
13 Karl Waldridge? Dahon Vitesse vOff CourseN
14 Stuart CollinsRadcliffe Old F's 1960 Holdsworth / AW3v 37.557
15 Chris Thompson? 1952 Bates/AMv27.541
16 Mike Christie? Bastide 53.52 vOff CourseN
17 Donald Workman? 1937 New Hudson vOff CourseN

* Special Award for competing in all 18 Tin Can Ten events.
The Tin Can trophy went to Chris Thompson for the quickest time.

A record number of 'Loughborough Socks' were awarded.

@ Adam Pride drove 100+ miles to get to West Leake. He was pushed to get his bike in shape for his start. I was helping him and noticed his tyre was flat. He put a new tube in and made a delayed start. However, within a few metres the tyre blew with a loud bang, alrting all at the event centre. So if you get a puncture which delays you a few minutes DO NOT COMPLAIN! SC

# Ron Johnson expressed to me the slight felt by him at being previously declared "off-course". He, in fact, broke down - these results reflect this. Perhaps being remiss in mechanical upkeep is less galling than getting accused of being "off" your own course. Unless he stopped by at the Star Inn ......SC