Orange Day One (that's Orange in colour and make) with an 8 Speed Shimano Alfine hub.

2011 results v2

Tin Can Ten - Held on the East Leake Course - July 14th 2012 - 10.8 miles "Rusty" old Lenton / SA 3spd
Position NameTimeBike / hub
1John Dainty 29.14Track frame / 3spd ASC
2 Andy Forey 30.21Moulton Mk3/SA 3spd
3 Minoro Mitsumoto*31.09Moulton Mk3/SA 3spd
4 Antony Lomas 32.09Orange Day One / 8 Speed Shimano Alfine hub.
5 Chris Lomas 34.091955 Raleigh Lenton Sport / 1960 S-A 3Sp AW
6 Stephen Dee 35.33Thorn EXP / Rohlhoff
7 Paul Beasley 36.18New Hudson 'Traveller' / S-A 3 Spd.
8 Mick Reynolds 36.33-
9 Stuart Collins 38.15Coventry Eagle / notorious S-A 5 Spd
10 Mick Gould 39.14Curly Hetchins / SA 3 Sdp ASC
11 D? Andrews 40.05-
12 M.Jeffrey 40.36-
13 Phil Wray 41.07-
14 Granville Horton41.14plastic bike / undiscovered gears
15 Ron Johnson 45.25-
16 Lorna Wray DNF Sit up and beg / S-A
-- Nick Hando DNS Moulton Mk3/SA 3 Spd
Nick Hando - recorded nn.nn trapped in traffic jam - (not on the course, of course! But the M6)

* Has ridden in all Tin Can Ten events + another top three placing.
The Tin Can trophy went to John Dainty - after missing two years. Must defend next year!!
Loughborough sock to Granville Horton - for "courageously" riding a plastic bike
Presentation / prizes-giving as Phil Wray - recovered from nasty illness of last year. David Eccles, Creator and mentor of the race "missing".

Nice break in horrible weather. Forbidding clouds held off.
. There was a 10mph westerly wind.
Brilliant organisation, as ever, by Loughborough Pheonix C.C. Thanks to Timekeeper Stuart Crick, Rider-launcher Martin Temple, Dave Bousfield and another steward. Mrs Crick provided excellent home-made cakes and drinks as usual.
I would like to get details of bikes / gears ridden if anyone can offer information. SC
Stuart Collins

Photos of 2012