2014 results

Tin Can Ten - Held on the West Leake Course - Sat. July 12th 2014 - 10.8 miles

Weather - yet again, Windless and 28 degrees.
Put on by Loughborough Pheonix CC
Timekeeper, infrastructure and dry wit - Stuart Crick.
Pusherer offerer - Martin Temple
Stewards Dave - Bousfield and Ron Johnson
Magnificent refreshments - Mrs Crick and Mrs. Johnson

www.tincanten.org.uk Number
Forname Surname Bike Year Gears of gears Time Pos
Chris Thompson Raleigh 1970's SA AS 3 27.34 1
David Cole Mercian 1957 SA close ratio 3 28.00 2
Harry Thompson Bates Vegrandis 1938 SA close ratio 3 29.34 3
John Dainty J.Pavey track frame 1940's SA ASC fixed 3 29.45 4
Minoro Mitsomoto Moulton Mark III 1970 SA FC 4 31.13 5
Andy Forey Moulton Major Deluxe 1964 SA AW 4 32.01 6
Gerry Charlwood Moulton Series 2 1963 SA AW 3 33.07 7
Chris Lomas Raleigh Lenton Sports 1954 SA 3-AW 3 35.33 8
Stephen Dee Thorn 2004 Rohloff 14 38.58 9
Harold Heywood Rudge 1947 SA? 4 39.01 10
Chris Camp Raleigh Record Ace 1954     40.21 11
Mick Gould Hetchins 60's SA 3 40.39 12
Stuart Collins Van Nicholas 2013 Shimano Alfine 8 40.42 13
John Slater         42.45 14
Bryan Colbourne Thorn 2007 Rohloff 14 44.27 15
Phil Wray Brompton M6L-X Sperlight 2008 Sram 2x3 47.06 16
Dai Roberts Coventry Eagle 70's SA useless 5 29m 1 lap
Lorna Wray Humber Lady's sport 1947 SA 3-AW 3 27.45 1 lap
I have got about 20 reasonable pictures but could do with more. Please send if you can help.
I am having to seek more webspace memory before I can get pictures up. (should be up on 14th July)
Another year when many people have intimated that they will participate; but didn't do so.
There were four (I think) debutants: Bryan Colbourne (age 81 with a new Thorn / Rolhoff outfit), John Salter, Chris Camp and Dai Roberts.
It was roasting hot. Rumour has it that the nearby test match at Trent Bridge is fixed for the TCT weekend to ensure good weather. The running of the event was as immaculate and relaxed as ever and the post-race snacks amounted to a banquet.
I must apologise for turning up with a new Titanium Van Nicholas, legal but clearly not in the spirit of things.
Chris Thompson managed to win yet again. Some extra-ordinary tactics might have ensured this result. His son Harry was "fitted up" (in more ways than one) with Ron Johnson's 1936 Bates Vangradis which developed a nasty fault near to the finish. I was similarly accused by Dai Roberts for lending my Coventry Eagle with the infamous two-cable Sturmey 5 speed. He thought that any one of the other unobtainable gears might have been handy. What is that saying about bad workmen??? One lap proved enough for him. Lorna Wray did one lap also, with flowing winter-type clothes and ancient bike. Well done Dai and Lorna.
Phil Wray, as usual, gave a cheerful and brief speach.
Let's see if we can all get an extra rider for next year.
Stuart Collins

Photos of 2014