2015 results

Tin Can Ten - Held on the West Leake Course - Sat. July 11th 2015 - 10.8 miles

Weather - Wind force 4 westerly and 24 degrees.
Put on by Loughborough Pheonix CC
Timekeeper, patience-keeper - Stuart Crick.
Pusherer offerer - Martin Temple
Steward - Dave Bousfield.
Superb cake and refreshments - Mrs Crick and Mrs. Johnson

Results for

2015 TCNThanks to Stuart Crick
& Martin Temple
For keeping the
times and recording
1RobGrayRaleigh RunaboutSA 3 speed26.01
3DavidColeBlack BSABlack28.30
6Grahame Lansdell30.40
7JohnBedingfield'39 Saxon ClubS/A AW31.43
12PeterBedingfield'49 Carpenter SuperlightS/A AC32.53
14ChrisCamp1951 "The real" EvansS/A FC 4spd37.30
15MickGouldHetchins CurlySA 3 speed40.57
17StuartCollinsViscount AerospaceShimano Nexus 843.00
19StevenDeeBickertonShimano Nexus 845.19
20HaroldHayworthRudge SUABSA 3 speed46.35
21JPrestonSA 3 speed52.59

I have got about 12 reasonable pictures but could do with more. Please send if you can help.
They will be up on the 14th July

In some ways this year has proved to be one of change. One change, very sadly, was the sudden passing of Phil Wray (photo left - taken in 2009), on February 2nd 2015. He had been a torch-bearer for the event and has helped ensure that race has retained it's essential Vcc style character. He last rode only in 2014. Every sympathy to Lorna, his wife and a regular TCT rider.
Whilst there seemed to be many absentees, there was a reasonable number of debutants (unless I am mistaken). J and P Beddingfield, C. Simms and J.Atkin are warmly invited to become serial Tincantenners.
After a few years of warm and calm weather (good both for times and a sweat) there was an approx 12mph (20 km per hour) wind which seemed to swirl clockwise round the anti-clockwise course. Even so, it was still warm though.
It would need confirming but (for the first time ever) this years' start list contained 5 previous winners. It also had a future winner (surely) in Harry Thompson. He has to be satisfied with the scalp of his dad Chris, at the very least. I'm not sure that this is joy is reciprocated.
Very nice to see the return of J.Preston to the fold. Perhaps some more female entrants might appear next year; it certainly isn't meant to be a male-only thing.
Mick Gould gave the ultimate minimalist speech and awarded the trophy to Rob Gray and the Loughborough Sock to anyone who wanted it (or them - giving a pair out will diminish stocks, not to say socks).
I am really determined to get 40+ riders next year. That equates to each rider getting an extra rider for next year.
If anyone can give details of what bikes / gears were ridden I would appreciate the info, and add to the results table.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks so much to the team from the Loughborough Pheonix, who rose to the occasion, like the mythical creature from the fires of legend.
Stuart Collins

As the event lurks to its 25th year next July 9th I have a picture that shows evidence of assimilation of hi technology by the Tin Can Ten organisation. This will counter, for ever, the accusations that the TCT does not keep up with the times.

Photos of 2015 Tin Can Ten Race

Contributors Stephen Dee, Harold Heyworth, Peter Bedingfield and Stuart Collins

Mick Gould demonstrates :- How to REALLY start a time trial (part 1, continued)
Supreme concentration on the task
ahead. Totally wound like a coiled spring.
Transition into scorching acceleration.
No, no ! No hint of a push!
Has this gent blundered into a race?Stephen Dee's Bickerton
Peter and John Bedingfield locked in brotherly mortal combat.
John won, Peter "graciously" concedes. ("Dammit")
If only Peter could ride like Greg Lamond as well as look like him.
Chris Thompson can just be seen hiding behind Rob (leftmost). As as well he might after being
beaten by his son (2nd left).
Ron tells Rob how to win. Note
Rob's winning bike, a gas-pipe / steel wheels handicap of a machine.
Blurred background gives a false impression of
the speed of Stuart Collins
Mick passes on the TCT trophy Watch this birdy Mick
David Cole and Harold Heyworth discus
their prospects for next year
Though not set in stone
these results are final ....