2015 results

Tin Can Ten - Held on the West Leake Course - Sat. July 9th 2016 - 10.8 miles

25th annivesary race
Weather - Rained "stair-rods" until 12 midday
This may have put many off risking the rain proofness of their tin can
Put on by Loughborough Pheonix CC
Timekeeper, infrastructure and dry wit - Stuart Crick.
Pusherer offerer - Martin Temple
Stewards Dave - Bousfield and Ron Johnson
Magnificent refreshments - Mrs Crick and Mrs. Johnson with great help and cake-provision

www.tincanten.org.uk Number
Forname Surname Bike Year Gears of gears Time Pos
David Cole Mercian 1957 SA close ratio 1 28.00 2
John Dainty J.Pavey track frame 1940's SA ASC fixed 2 29.45 4
Gerry Charlwood Moulton Series 2 1963 SA AW 3 33.07 7
Andy Forey Moulton Major Deluxe 1964 SA AW 4 31.43 4
Minoro Mitsomoto Moulton Mark III 1970 SA FC 4 33.40 5
Chris Lomas Raleigh Lenton Sports 1954 SA 3-AW 3 38.11 6
John Slater         38.35 7
R Mudd Brompton ???? Sram 2x3 42.33 8
Morgan Reynolds Suspected with motor ??? AW3 3 43.00 9
Mick Gould Curly Hetchins 60's SA 3 43.01 10
Ron Johnson ??????? 2008 Sturmey 3 45.46 11
Stuart Collins Viscount 1978 Shimano Nexus 7 8 25.00 1 lap 12
I have got about 20 reasonable pictures but would be delighted to receive more. My email is stu_collins@ntlworeld.com
The 25th Anniversary race was nearly ruined by deluge rain. The rain was of the "stair-rods" variety with a 15mph wind to add to the woe. It is likely that this resulted in just a hardy 12 turning up, the midday rain abatement probably came too late. This may have put many off, not trusting the rainproofness of their tin can???
Nevertheless the times were surprizing, except mine, which was unsurprizing and unremarkable, not to say embarassing. Eight of the riders produced better times than 2015, even though the road had dried out, where a wet road could have reduced tyre friction..
David Cole, who has performed nearly every year, at last got a victory. He was a minute faster than last year and 90 seconds ahead of the redoubtable John Dainty. Gerry Charlwood, again with an improved time, came 3rd. What might have been sweeter was being 1st in the Moulton sub-class (no insult meant) and possibly the highest ever placing of a small wheeled bike. I think R.Mudd was the only debutant and rode a Brompton (also small-wheeled of course).
The most remarkable of all was the perfomance of two nonogenarians. Ron Johnson has seemingly wound the clock back so much that it is as broken as a bike he once leant to Chris Thompson as a handicap. He became the oldest rider to do the TCT. Morgan Reynolds produced a remarkable 43 minutes ride but then he is a whole year younger than Ron. I cannot imagine anyone else of his age beating that. What on earth were Ron and Mick on? The old Phyllosan adverts suggested their product would "fortify the over forties". Even double-dose Phyllosan can't do that much for you, can it? It says on the adverts "restores digestive and metabolic tone" - we know what they mean???
David Eccles (the race founder) was unable to come this year. He was doing a race elsewhere but sent his apologies. Ron Johnson and Minoru Mitsumoto were the only two folk who did the 1st and the 25th race. Minoru has done every TCT and was presented with a special trophy by Stuart Crick. Following a plaintive plea by Stuart, there was much help offered this year, and lots of jolly good cake. One of the cakes was a specially iced one to celebrate the 25th year. (can anyone send me a photo of the cake) Thanks to all those who helped, this year, and back in time.
Stuart Collins

Not up to the standard of an Eccles cartoon!

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