2017 results

Tin Can Ten - Held on the West Leake Course - Sat. July 8th 2017 - 10.4 miles

26th edition of the race
Weather - warm - 24deg - sultry - variable wind

The race attracted 2 debutants but not enough of the "old guard"
The event was noteable in a quite a few ways :-<
  • Return of founder David Eccles (escaping wife and chores)
  • Comeback kid Ron Johnson, coming back - after a couple of years stewarding
  • Sheffield virgin Mark Hudson with noteable debut and victory
  • None of the "darn-sarth" Moultoneers - Inc No Minoru
  • First three only 66 seconds apart
  • Chris Thompson Not winning
  • Put on by Loughborough Pheonix CC
  • Many thanks to them - wonderful effort and event
  • The snacks were of a very high order and put on by ---------------. Thanks are due to them

Timekeeper, infrastructure and dry wit - Stuart Crick.
Pusherer offerer - Self start
Stewards Dave Bousfield, and Ron Johnson
Magnificent refreshments - ???????????

www.tincanten.org.uk Number
Forname Surname Bike Year Gears of gears Time Pos
Mark Hudson Not Claud But 1950's SA close ratio 3 28.28 1
Chris Thompson Mudd Bates ???? SA3 3 29.20 2
Nick Hando Moulton series 2 ???? SA3 3 29.35 3
David Eccles look up ???? SA3 3 31.07 4
John Dainty J.Pavey track frame 1940's SA ASC fixed 4 31.53 5
P Collinge Moulton Series 2 196o's SA3 AW 3 36.58 6
Chris Lomas Raleigh Lenton Sports 1954 SA3-AW 3 37.51 7
John Slater         39.58 8
Harold Hayworth 1947 Rudge Roadster.4 sp.SA 1964 SA AW 3 31.43 9
C Hall Black traders bike ??? SA FC? 3 40.37 10
Andy Lomas Raleigh Lenton Sports 1954 SA3-AW 3 40.43 11
Mick Gould Curly Hetchins 60's SA 3 41.13 12
Ron Johnson ??????? 2008 Sturmey 3 46.01 13
Morgan Reynolds Suspected with motor ??? AW3 3 43.00 14
Stuart Collins Van Nicholas 2009 Shimano Nexus 8 8 DNF 15
I have got about 20 reasonable pictures but would be delighted to receive more. My email is stu_collins@ntlworeld.com
The 26th edition of the race was as enjoyable as ever. Conditions were warm, muggy and with a wind that (I swear) always came from the direction I was heading. Some new faces were refreshing but many of the stallworts didn't show. David Eccles (the race founder) was able to come this year, always nice to see him. Free from domestic strangulations and wanting to celebrate his "special age" (not 21 again?) he appeared via Loughborough and a train.
Ron Johnson has also a special age as well - 87. Un-believable performance. He also loaned a bike to Chris Thompson, the most successful ever tincantenner
Alas the three Moultoneers, including the "never missing" Minoru Mitsumoto, were missing from the line-up this year. The sole Moulton was ridden by local Nick Hando - a recent project put to good use. C.Hall on a grocery / bakers / fishmongers' bike (not stolen from Greggs the bakers wall???) did well too. His sales were not good, but then his basket was empty. He may have had good sales in the Nottingham University Sutton Bonington campus.
Battle of the Lomas's was won by Chris, once more.
But another Chris (Thompson) failed to win. He said he was saving himself a little for a 20K track event near London. Clearly his priorities are wrong.
Stuart Collins

Advert encouraging cheating in the drugs-free world of the Tin Can Ten?
The product once boasted that it restored the over 40's males(to what?)
Then it was realised that the claim was B+++ocks : plus they were missing the under 40's market. They also worked out that females were a potential market too. In any case science has shown that the only beneficiaries were the shareholders.
In fact I believe this years TCT is the only one where all the riders have been over 40
In unearthing this advert for the websiteI came across a product called Phallusan.
Whatever it does ( I expect you might quess ) it probably wouldn't help Tin Can Ten performance!?

Photos of 2017