The Brighton Mitre
Tin Can 25m on 26th of October 2008.
"The Tin Can 25 time trial for Hub Geared machines of any age"

The event was put on by Brighton Mitre and based in Steyning. Due to a bridge rebuilding the start and finish were moved 4 miles away. The course was of two laps, with differences. The tin can element was added on to an existing open event with quite a few classes. As race organiser Robin Johnson said, the Tin Canners added 8 more people.
The renowned John Woodburn entered (though not using hub gears) and did 1 hour 4 minutes. Not bad for 74-year old in appalling weather.
Mark Silver's bike was amazing. Based on an ordinary Mercian, nothing else was ordinary at all. His riding position was akin to the famous Graham Obree "snowman" and the bike had some fairings which I think the law-makers might scratch their heads about. The weather was awful. The A34 looked like a mirror and winds were running at 25 miles per hour.(see photo below and decide whether I am right or not).
1st Mark Silver Hounslow & District Wheelers1h 7m 33s (AW 3 speed with home made large flanges to allow use of standard MTB spokes for convenience)
2nd Minoro Mitsumoto Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h 18m 38s ( Moulton MK3)
3rd Clive Walton Redmon CC 1h 20m34s-
4th David Eccles Redmon CC 1h 22m 31s-
5th Andy Forey Hillingdon CC 1h 25m 34s (AR hub 1930ís fitted to Moulton Standard)
6th Richard Hoskin Redmon CC 1h 31m 23s-
7th Adam Pride National Clarion CC 1h 43m 21sMercian / S-A AW3
8th Stuart Collins Veterans CC 2h 1m 6s1960's Holdsworth / S-A AW3
David Eccles wrote :- Conditions cold wet and light winds. The new trophy - Nickel plated and made by Clive Walton (see below) - was awarded. on aggregate to David Eccles.